’bout me

Born on Sep 11, a typical Virgo

Ardent Bangalorean. Roots in Tiruvannamalai, TN.

Average Student with a BE, MBA degree

Notable accomplishments: Pre-Grads – Never bunked college though college was near Brigades (What a loser!!!)

Notable accomplishments: BE – Slapped by professor during a college fest for creating ruckus 😛

Notable accomplishments: MBA – Was questioned “Are you a monkey?” by a Senior professor.. Yay!!!

Trekker. Traveller. Photographer

10K Runner. Toastmasters Member. Blogger

Wanna be RJ and Emcee

Socially responsible

Call myself a 95% Extrovert

I cant live without people around me

I am always excited. Highly enthusiastic about things. Dynamite is what others call me… Enthu Cutlet the rest

…I get my energy from COFFEEEEEEE

I own a Honda Unicorn, a Tata Indigo (not Indica), Panasonic FZ 18 camera

Proud owner of 4 Trekking Bags

I am alive coz I believe in one mantra – LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

Do You?





Find me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/karthikdhandapany

Mail me at: its.me.kd@gmail.com


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