Aandi Gundi Trek..perfect for a lazy day!

Most of the treks I have been to requires decent level of planning if not for being extensive. But here is one trek that needs you to ONLY wake up from the bed to start with and head to the site. Thus making it a perfect half a day trek or a lazy man’s trek! Aandi  Gundi also called Handi Gundi..isn’t too far away from Bangalore. Ever heard of the famous premium cafe (One of ma fav. Hookah service has been restarted in July 2015) Rasta Cafe? This place isnt too far off from here. Continue your journey on Mysore Road. Well before u reach Ramanagar, be on the lookout for Basavanpura..a small board would be visible to the left of the road. This would be a few kms after Rasta Cafe. Take the left and you would immediately cross a railway track. You would see many a train cross this path once you are at the peak. A few hundred metres along the narrow road and you would notice a temple that splits the road. Take the right. You should be able to see the hill ahead of you. Proceed along the mud road and park your vehicles once you cant go further. Assuming you have done some treks before: start walking towards the left of the hill, where the ascent  begins. There is no one path to start. Be adventurous and take any path that suits you. image From the base its a romantic walk to the peak. Remember to take regular breaks and don’t forget to look on both the sides of the hill. An hour walk and voila, you should be on the peak. On the right you can see MYSORE road bustling with traffic, and of course the railway tracks with toy trains chugging along every now and then. image But! I prefer the views to the left. Its peaceful. It’s calm. It’s serene. This is the sight that we  crave for. And it was a meagre price to pay. Half a day of your busy schedule. image Relax, unwind and let the breeze cool you down. After an hour’s break and some calories  added, its time to head down. An easier walk down. We still have half a day left. Time to get back to the mundane things of life. image image


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