Sunset, Sunrise and everything between – Oh Kodachadri!!!

Kodachadri has mesmerized thousands of trekkers. And surprisingly, even after 5 years of climbing hills, I hadnt ticked it off my list. It was a sense of desperation, and I had to start 2013 with a bang.

Though I was advised Jan wasn’t the best times to trek, I went ahead with the plan. I wasn’t disappointed.

How to go there: (One of the many routes that we took)

  • Overnight bus from Bangalore to Kollur
  •  Kollur to Nittur by bus (An hours journey), get down at Marakuttaka
  • You can continue to Nittur, if you want to take a jeep (almost) to the peak
  • From Marakuttaka, walk 5 kms into the kachcha/mud road, till Santosh Hotel
  • From here, its a single path to the peak


  • Kollur and Nittur are small towns where simple food is available
  • Santosh Hotel at the base of the peak is also an option
  • At the peak, the priests house also provide food to trekkers for a small sum
  • Nothing in between

Stay Options:

  • Kodachadri Sitaram Jogi – Ph: 9632847302/ 9480130939 > 20 minutes below the peak, next to the temple
  • Rajendra Ph: 9242892299/9449145540 > He plans end to end, stay option available at the base of the hill. Can arrange for jeeps to the peak

Summer is almost in. The place managed to retain its greenery. Monsoons will just be SPLENDID.


Kodachadri is known for its sunset and well… sunrise too.



We could see the stars bright and clear. How I wish I could make this place my home.



A few minutes before sunrise, as the mist engulfs the valley.




Voila, the sun finally rises to the amusement of the early trekkers.






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