Tusk & Dawn, Sakleshpur… Why’s and Whynot’s

When you have an extended weekend coming up, and most of the popular and off-beat stays/ accommodations are booked what are you left with? GOOGLE.. what else.

The Chikmagalurs and the Coorgs are too mainstream.In my search of a perfect holiday destination, away from the usual hum-drum and of-course my need for being close to the hills.. I came across Tusk & Dawn in Sakleshpur.

Sakleshpur is a hill station in Karnataka, 230 Kms from Bangalore and at an elevation of 3000 Feet. It is 30 kms from Hassan. Sakleshpur has relatively lesser number of accomodation options than the other popular holiday destinations. The number of home-stays and themed resorts are on the rise. Both quality as well as price. You will have one that fits   your wallet.

2 days before the D day, I managed to get a cottage at Tusk & Dawn for the weekend. The website surely looks impressive. But, experience says not to go by that alone.

Initially I wanted to book the Log huts, but shifted to cottages. A mere 400 Rs difference .. I realized later it was a good decision.

It was a comfortable drive to the destination. The 4 laning is complete till Channarayapattana (as on Sep 2012). Once the road work is complete till Hassan, expect to reach your destination faster.

2 Kms after Sakleshpur town we had to take a deviation (right) and head towards Hanbal. A narrow stretch, some negotiation is required when you have vehicles coming from the opposite side. And a final stretch of 6 kms which goes through some kachcha roads to reach Balaji Estate. That’s where you park your car. A 4×4 will take you through 3 kms of excellent off-roading path to the resort.

The resort is surrounded by all sorts of greens – 70 acres to be exact. What impressed me was the view of the hills from the common area. I would want to trek up.. soon. There were 6 Cottages. A common dining area. The landscape was well planned. It was minimal and just about sufficient.  I found the Log Room a little dingy and too small for comfortable living. And hence was happy that a cottage is what we had booked.
Interestingly Tusk & Dawn also hosts many Off-Roading rallies.

The cottage has a single large room, with a double bed and a single bed. One side of the room has a huge glass window (or consider it a 70% transparent wall) and overlooks the landscape of the resort. The tiles gave it a wooden floor feel. The
bathroom gets a thumbs up. It had a small garden and a partially open roof. The bathrooms were pretty large, not usually seen in resorts. You may encounter a few bugs. Don’t bother, they are at peace. The sit-out area can house not more than 4. The others, feel free to use the stairs.

The staff is friendly. Less on words. You will interact mostly with Parameshwar, a very friendly chap. And he will assist you during your stay here. Mickey is the one with attitude.. he will decide how long he wants to be with you. If he has to play with you or no. Mickey is the doberman btw.

Now to the important part of my stay- FOOD. There is a generous serving of both Veg and Non Veg dishes. Nothing exotic. They will fill your tummy and I promise you will be happy. No complaints. I loved the Curd rice. The phulkas were good too.

When you arent relaxing in your cottage, you can take a stroll around the resort, play the usual games available such as badminton or cricket, go on a guided trek or go on a drive on a off-roader.

Guests could have been briefed about the facilities and add-on options available during check-in which was missing. Because of this, we had to plan it ourself.

I will rate this place 4/5. A good place to visit over a weekend.


Do you want free assistance in planning your weekend trip, from Bangalore? Reach out to me and I will be more than glad to help you: its.me.kd@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Tusk & Dawn, Sakleshpur… Why’s and Whynot’s

  1. Super Nice Write Up and Review KD!! Loved the way you have mentioned every detail.. I so wanna go to this place !!

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